The team behind iBuy2Give, like so many others, were regular supporters of Charities and Good Causes, but were looking for a way to ‘do more’. So when they got their heads together the challenge they set themselves was straight forward. How could they ‘make an even BIGGER difference’ without asking people to put their hand in their pocket and simply give more cash, yet again!

We all know how stretched family budgets are these days, and Charities are only too aware of ‘donor fatigue’, there’s a real need to find new, and innovative ways, to raise more money. We know too how generous we are as a Nation, so if we could find an everyday way of helping people to ‘donate’ more, without spending more than they had planned, that had to be a good thing! Everyone loves shopping and who can resist a great offer or the occasional treat. So what if you could shop and buy items at exactly the same price as you’d find elsewhere (and very often cheaper!), and in doing so generate a donation.

We spoke to Charities, eCommerce Merchants and on-line Shoppers and perhaps not surprisingly, everyone loved the idea! And that’s when the idea behind Ibuy2give became a reality.

Ibuy2give is now place where shoppers can secure a great deal while at the same time supporting the charity that they care so much about, or in fact find a National, Regional or very local good cause to support.

Buying that everyday item or special gift on-line, can now feel even better! Over the course of a few months, or a year, the money you donate soon adds up and can make a ‘Big Difference’.

And if you share your ibuy2give shopping experience with your family and friends, and they too buy with us, you will be encouraging even more charitable giving. Shopping and helping others at the same time. That can’t be a bad thing. Remember shopping on Ibuy2give, is no more expensive than buying on other online platforms, and in fact is often cheaper, with special offers that you simply can’t find elsewhere! Happy shopping!